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900 blog posts, sucker, fawn & Happy Father’s Day

OK, a couple of months have passed since I uploaded photos from the Sony Cybershot camera to the computer.  I often take pictures on her and then forget. Barry asked me to take a picture of the bike we’re sending … Continue reading

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Today’s photo-of-the-day still remains obsessed with Marquette, Michigan’s Ore Dock from last Wednesday. Much of what this photo suggests is an outright lie. #1: It was NOT a dark and stormy morning. (The clouds roiled ominously, but no storms rose.) … Continue reading

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Good thing they didn’t let the bobcat in!

How might you react if you noticed a cat hanging out on your deck, almost opened the door and let it in–and suddenly discovered this unexpected visitor was a bobcat? My husband told me this adventure after hearing it from … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from our snowy Little House in the Big Woods to yours!

Merry Christmas, dear readers, from our snowy Little House in the Big Woods in Aura, Upper Peninsula, Michigan, just a dozen owl hoots from the nearest four-way stop. I wish you the happiest of holidays.  May you enjoy this season … Continue reading

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Our five minutes of fame

I wish everyone could have five minutes of fame. Not Lindsey Lohan type fame.  Not Louisa May Alcott fame.  Not Tiger Woods fame.  Even though some versions of fame might be more enjoyable than others. Not huge blow-out adulation and … Continue reading

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