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What I really want to say…

I’m in downstate eastern Michigan lounging alone on my mom’s flowered pastel couch with the deep aroma of coffee beckoning. The tattered book “Wild Mind” by Natalie Goldberg peers up from the round glass table. Write, write, write, Natalie urges … Continue reading

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The medicine way

On June 10th the lupine theater played for a full house.  They perfumed, awed, and colored the landscape extraordinarily.  We onlookers gushed at their purple, pink and white symphony and deeply inhaled their essence.  Their lupine-ness shined superb; never were … Continue reading

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Barbecue sauce, cousins, and maybe a sideways grin

OK, pals, this is one of those blogs that I sometimes write with nothing to say.  It’s kind of a stream-of-consciousness blog, so stay away if you want something congruent and logical. (Although, who knows, perhaps that may happen!  I … Continue reading

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Icicles, Mist, and the Road Less Traveled

When mist rises from ice-melting rivers and streams, magic ensues. When ice dresses branches and twigs, the world is transformed for an instant, an hour, a brief respite. Winter yawns, thinking it might stretch out another month or two here … Continue reading

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In which Gulliver gets tied up and we eat green bean casserole

Tonight six or seven or maybe eight of us will sit around living room chairs at Mary’s house to discuss our latest Book Club selection. You want to know the exciting name of our selection? Gulliver’s Travels. Which yours truly did … Continue reading

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A bedroom full of trees and other ordinary musings

1.  It’s nice to be able to post blogs “whenever I feel it” after a two month experiment with once-a-week blogging.  It truly was a lovely experience.  So much time and space opened up for reflection, for walking in spring … Continue reading

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“And I thought you were JUST a housewife from Michigan!”

OK, OK, you gleaned the truth from that title, didn’t you? There is a tiny part of me–just a tiny part–that still, after all these years, feels insignificant.  As a creative blogger, I am still trying to soothe the indignant … Continue reading

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Keep your eye open for impossibility today.  Miracles surround us…

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I will not wear a bikini and jump in the frozen lake today.

The Informal Schedule of my day in the north woods. 1)  Wake up at 6:20 a.m.  (Actually, I wake up at 5:32 a.m.  5:45 a.m.  6:01 a.m.  You know, think a little bit.  Try not to think a little bit. … Continue reading

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I wish you the very best. Always.

I am thinking about my friends this evening. One friend awaits to discover tomorrow if lymphoma has deepened inside her; how far cancer extends its ever-extending reach. Another friend nurses her parents; one with Parkinson’s Disease, the other with neurological … Continue reading

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