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Once upon a partridge and other spring mailbox stories

Imagine walking to the mailbox, afternoon after afternoon.  Out the front door, down the three circular wooden steps onto cement and grass and gravel.  To your right lies a garden (in springtime newly planted) and to your left a tall … Continue reading

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The mystery of the loud thuds

Yesterday, in between listening to Christmas carols and making a pomegranate kale salad, I heard a loud thud. What in the world could it be? First thought: The mail carrier is delivering presents from Portland, Oregon, or Edgewater, New Jersey! … Continue reading

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The medicine way

On June 10th the lupine theater played for a full house.  They perfumed, awed, and colored the landscape extraordinarily.  We onlookers gushed at their purple, pink and white symphony and deeply inhaled their essence.  Their lupine-ness shined superb; never were … Continue reading

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“We shall not be tamed!”

The Buick’s windshield covered with heavy dew obscures our road in blurry wet shapes.  Up ahead–just to the left!–oh look, it’s a coyote.  No, it’s a fox.  Darn it, it’s a blurry wet windshield reflection moving into tall waving grasses. … Continue reading

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Ours is not to wonder why…

…We have bigger fish to fry! About a year ago Barry’s ex-colleague lazily suggested one late autumn morning in between coffee sips, “Ours is not to wonder why…” and Barry, ever-the-fisherman replied, “We have bigger fish to fry!” He told … Continue reading

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what holds our sadness always, valentine?

what makes me sad is sharing half-truths. no matter what we say it seems we can’t wrap the whole truth of life into 1,000 words, let alone a half sentence. no matter what we say we can’t express the mystery. … Continue reading

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It’s my birthday, dear reader. Time to celebrate the arrival of this 55th year! Imagine, what mysteries shall present themselves in a new year on this planet? We can never know how many small delights, how many heart aches, how many … Continue reading

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It’s all reflection, folks…

Count yourself a lucky soul, if a pond exists within a stones throw of your couch.  If one doesn’t exist, fathom it out.  Trespass if you must.  Ponds speak to your underwater longing. You can find yourself while pausing cross-legged … Continue reading

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I’m not sayin’ nothin’ until tomorrow…

Last night I dreamed that I published eight blog posts today.  They all contained one picture.  Consider yourselves lucky. I’m only publishing one post. Isn’t she cute? Where do you think she is?  More on this tomorrow.

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