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The ahhhh of retreat

Good morning, dear blog reader. Let’s talk about ahhhh this morning. The ahhhh of waking up on a fresh Monday morning with light shining through emerald green June leaves.  The ahhhh of feeling centered and “right with the world”.  The … Continue reading

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Neil Armstrong, you’re on the moon tonight

I just heard the news. Neil Armstrong has died.  A good 82 years strong, he’s now passed on. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon on a July evening, back in 1969. He was my hero, that moon-dust walker, because he … Continue reading

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Upper Peninsula wildfire

I am breaking my once-a-week blogging pledge to reassure friends and family that we are completely safe from the massive wildfire which has torched at least 22,204 acres in the eastern Upper Peninsula. We live in Baraga County, about 200 … Continue reading

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Sharing cupcakes and smiles on Good Morning America

May I share a fun family story with you? Yes, yes, it involves cupcakes again.  (Just so you know it’s a sweet story.)  I promise we won’t be telling weekly cupcake adventures.  (OK, I don’t promise.  But it’s not likely … Continue reading

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You can quit worrying now

I know you’ve been biting your nails all week, wondering how I was dealing with becoming a local celebrity.  You’ve been nervous, haven’t you?  You’ve been fussing with heart palpitations and cold sweats about how Kathy was surviving the indignity–yes, … Continue reading

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The invitation to truly “occupy” ourselves

As any hermit in the woods knows–there’s a big “Occupy” movement going on in the world.  Even though I’m sometimes oblivious to national politics surrounded by Upper Peninsula trees without a TV that works, I know this much:  people seem to be sick … Continue reading

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