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Dear readers, I wrote this post back in early May, but did not publish it.  Was about to delete it, but sent it to a friend just for kicks before scrapping it.  She loved it.  She insisted it was a … Continue reading

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Winter storm warning continues until 7 p.m.

Good morning from the north woods! Weather report, any one? We’re smack-dab-in-the-middle of a Winter Storm Warning.  However, don’t get too alarmed.  Sure, there’s about six inches of new snow outside the window, give or take.  Sure, the wind blows … Continue reading

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Whisper your dreams to the stone-woman of the lake

No stories today on this blog–only the stories that nature herself shares.  You, of course, may tell your own stories as you gaze at the photos. You may find yourself transported to the south shore of Lake Superior.  You may … Continue reading

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A perfect ideal wonderful awesome incredible gorgeous magnificent day in the woods!

Quiet morning in the woods. Actually, it’s not quiet at all.  People only think the forest is quiet.  Actually, it’s a noisy squawking pounding cackling world out there.  The woodpeckers drum on the rotten trees, searching for insects.  Robins and … Continue reading

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Drip, drip, drip…and tea on the deck

No, no, no!  Do not think it is summer already in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  (But–I whisper excitedly–it was 60 degrees yesterday afternoon!  And I had tea on the deck!  And coffee this morning on the deck with my daughter in … Continue reading

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The creature in our basement

 Alfred Hitchcock Horror Films! We folks who live in the North Woods sometimes host a very interesting visitor in our homes.  One that usually makes us feel a bit squeamish when we first see It.  I suppose some people might exhibit … Continue reading

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