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“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.”

Recently a friend shared this quote from Abraham Lincoln:  “I don’t like that man.  I must get to know him better.” I like that quote. For many years it was my mantra. “I don’t like (fill in the blank)…therefore, I … Continue reading

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Ours is not to wonder why…

…We have bigger fish to fry! About a year ago Barry’s ex-colleague lazily suggested one late autumn morning in between coffee sips, “Ours is not to wonder why…” and Barry, ever-the-fisherman replied, “We have bigger fish to fry!” He told … Continue reading

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Thirty days to live

This week one of my friends shared a dream. In the dream, which she described as half-way between waking and sleeping, feeling so utterly “realistic”, a voice told her:  “You have thirty days to live.  Get your affairs in order.” … Continue reading

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Made of dreams and dandelion fuzz

So many lives are made of dreams, of wishes, of wants, of blow-the-dandelion-fuzz across the back yard so the Forest Owls hoot your deepest desires back to you just before midnight. I once dreamed of traveling to Switzerland, to Italy, … Continue reading

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The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

I used to think truth was something simple. Something one felt.  Something essential.  Something easily revealed. After years of meditation–and the practice of blogging–it becomes more and more apparent that, yes, Truth is very simple.  But it’s extremely complicated to … Continue reading

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To gaze, perchance to linger…

Yesterday afternoon I read an article in Orion magazine about the art of gazing. The author, Trebbe Johnson, urges us to open our hearts to brokenness in her powerful essay “Gaze even here.” She shares about visiting a logged forest … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary (We’re born alone & we die alone)

We are born alone and we die alone. Wait a minute!  you argue.  We’re born surrounded by a mama and papa (if we’re lucky) and a doctor who doesn’t throw his bloody gloves against the wall.  If we’re lucky.  The … Continue reading

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Expect the unexpected, dear reader. Expect the unexpected. OK, now that I’ve got your attention: Expect the unexpected. We only must repeat this sentence three times because we, as humans, so often long for the expected, the habitual, the comfort … Continue reading

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Miss Envy and the Jealous Wanna-Bees (Take Two)

On Friday I wrote an exceptionally witty & hysterically funny post called Miss Envy and the Jealous Wanna-Bees.  I read it to a beloved family member who wrinkled his/her nose and shook his/her head and said, “What ARE you trying … Continue reading

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Please don’t step on the chicken in the coffee shop (and other Nicaraguan photos)

Hello, dear readers, once again.  Still more photos of the town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, to show you.  Will you sit for a while and look through this photo album which shows some of the wonderful people and … Continue reading

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