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Can we be inspired to Think Again?

What if our cherished beliefs are only relatively right? What if our minds could open wide enough to truly listen beyond the polarities of right and wrong? Is life a yes or no argument? Does good come up against evil … Continue reading

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The herd is our brother, too

All week I intended to share a poem here.  Written six days ago.  I lounged on the couch in pajamas pre-dawn last Wednesday, happily anticipating quiet peaceful meditation.  Instead, a poem lassoed me.  The poem circled its rope from the … Continue reading

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I will not shut down.

My country can shut down, my friends can throw me away, everything can go to hell in a hand basket, but I will not shut down.   How easy it is to shut down! To tighten up, to fuss, to … Continue reading

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Learning how to be friends

Elisa and Nicole got me thinking about friendship today. About the work of deepening into friendship.  The time it takes to really know another person.  The challenging of really ever getting to know another person. It seems that we speak the same … Continue reading

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what holds our sadness always, valentine?

what makes me sad is sharing half-truths. no matter what we say it seems we can’t wrap the whole truth of life into 1,000 words, let alone a half sentence. no matter what we say we can’t express the mystery. … Continue reading

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Blue plums, almond stove, needle in eyelid, Charley Brown tree

Pale weak limpid sun rises lower and lower in December’s horizon.  It rarely shines through gray clouds, although today stratus clouds allow its orb to deck the skies with sunny cheer. We’re buying a new almond stove, our first stove … Continue reading

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Can I come over to your house?

A sweet thing happened recently in my blogging world. My childhood best friend, Carol, suddenly appeared with a comment on my Neil Armstrong tribute post!  What do you know! (The tribute talked about Carol and me sleeping out in my parent’s … Continue reading

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Skunk in the full moon

1:13 a.m. I hear you rustling in the woods. Who are you? It’s so hot. So full moon hot. Sweat drips, soaks sheets, midsummer’s sauna. Run cool bath water and recline. Ahhh, feel better, don’t you? Who’s rustling beneath the … Continue reading

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It’s not fair, oh no, it’s not fair…

It’s not fair that I get to attend a Destination Wedding in some fair southern city adorned with white sandy beaches and you must sit home at the daily drudge, 40 hour work week closer to retirement, no extra cash … Continue reading

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Sitting again beside the hearth of a beloved poem

The Guest House This being human is a guest house.  Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and attend them all: Even if they’re a crowd of … Continue reading

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