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The joy of cooking (without a recipe)

One of my greatest joys in the last year or two has been tossing the recipe book out the window. Adieu, dear recipe book, you’ve been a wonderful teacher, a darling guide. But it’s time to learn to cook without … Continue reading

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First you shoot your food…then you eat it.

I suppose you think I’m talking about shooting rabbits, right?  Making booyah (as they call rabbit stew around here, even though Wikipedia says it’s made with beef, chicken or pork).  Or maybe you think we’ve shot a deer and we’re … Continue reading

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The smell of fresh-baked bread

Sniff. Inhale deeply. Smell the aroma of fresh-baked bread? Smell that yeasty goodness of simple flour, salt, yeast (and perhaps sesame seeds) mixed together in a glass bowl?  Are your taste buds watering?  Would you like a buttered piece of … Continue reading

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