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Some people don’t like the term God.

Some people don’t like the term God. Others shiver-me-timbers when they hear Allah. Maybe you don’t resonate with Spirit, let alone Holy Spirit, let alone Great Spirit. Or you don’t like Holy. Holy Schmoly, you think. Do you shake your … Continue reading

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Opening our Easter heart

My Good Friday tradition, for more years than you can count on fingers and toes, involved spinning the old album on the record player, clicking in an eight track tape, pushing in a condensed “modern” tape, and eventually inserting a … Continue reading

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Why life on earth might be perfectly “fair”

See, God or Allah or Goddess or the Almighty–whatever you call Him or Her, produces this Earth Show. He’s hired a director, someone like Jesus or Buddha, except maybe they’ve never been planetary-bound, maybe someone like St. Oleander or Baba … Continue reading

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Church of the woods

Time for Sunday worship. Time to connect with the Divine. Time to be inspired. To feel awe. To experience communion. To feel connected to all precious life. Passing the peace with you.  Blessings, all.

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