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Confession and announcement

Lichen on a stick

I have a tiny confession.  And an announcement.

Remember yesterday’s blog about simplifying?  About looking around at our lives and pruning away that which is no longer needed…in order to make space for some newness, some creativity, some joy, some possibility?

Well, for a few weeks I’ve carved, pruned, cut away, cleared brush, opened up wide paths in my life.

Three days ago, in the midst of the pruning (here is the confession part) I did something unexpected.  Started writing again.  Not like the writing in this blog, which is mostly chatty and everyday and sharing.

Instead, I started writing close-to-the-bone.  Like switching the camera on the macro lens and peering up close at moments in the day.  And decided–(yes, yes, the confession part is coming)–to start another blog.

Are you gasping in disbelief?

Now I know that doesn’t sound like simplifying.  In fact, to some of you, that may darn well look like complicating.  But to me it is already a source of great joy and it feels extremely simple and presence-filled and peaceful.

The name of the new blog is called “Simply Here“.  This is what I shared under the “About” section:

This blog is a simple one.  Simple photos, simple words.  It hopes to catch simple moments of existing on this great blue and green planet.  Bare-bones moments.  Moments without a lot of fuss and chatter and mental add-ons.

Simply this moment.  And the next one.  And the next one.  Whenever the moment decides it wants to be etched in soft words.  Words which will easily drop away in the next moment.

May you enjoy this interlude.  May you be inspired to write or draw or sing your own sacred moments.  Blessings to you who have wandered by this forest path.

It feels peaceful because…heck, I don’t know why it feels peaceful.  It feels like this new blog writes itself.  No effort to get photographs (using old ones or borrowing them from here) and the words seem to address a spiritual longing in me to get as close to the sacred moment as possible.

I wasn’t even going to tell you guys about it…let it be my own little fun and moments of self-expression (it only takes 15-20 minutes to write it in the morning or after work)…but, heck, I can’t keep my big mouth shut.

Here’s the web address if you ever want to check it out:  http://risingnow.wordpress.com/

No pressure to visit!  I’m probably not even going to respond individually to comments there–at least that’s the plan right now–although that might change in the next moment.  Just wanted to share the latest bit of creative adventuring.

Phew.  Confession time is over.  And in case any of you have read today’s blog over there:  my ear ache is (hopefully) gone!  Hurray!

But don’t anybody worry. This is still the Main Blog.  The chatty blog.  The photo blog.  The blog that shares some Lake Superior Spirit from our Little House in the Big Woods.