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Barbecue sauce, cousins, and maybe a sideways grin

OK, pals, this is one of those blogs that I sometimes write with nothing to say.  It’s kind of a stream-of-consciousness blog, so stay away if you want something congruent and logical. (Although, who knows, perhaps that may happen!  I … Continue reading

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pain, adjustment, stream of consciousness, coffee…

so here i am at another coffee shop, another cup of steaming java, late friday afternoon, barry at a high school track meet taking pictures for his newspaper job.  me writing before he retrieves me just because it’s fun, playin’ … Continue reading

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After the Vita-Mix roars and before the next impossible question

In our local coffee shop the Vita-Mix machine roars.  I thought it was a coffee grinder, but it’s a Vita-Mix machine, whatever that might be.  I got up from the high-perched computer table and asked what was the noise? I … Continue reading

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In which I almost run over a black cat

This is my day thus far and it’s only 10 a.m. I awoke wanting to write another blog, yet again. The people-pleaser part of me sternly warned, “Do not write another blog, as you should give people time to digest … Continue reading

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