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Password theft, frozen screen and I-don’t-know-anything

Yesterday–computer announced that five of my passwords had been compromised here in Internet World. I dutifully proceeded to change them. No problemo, right? This morning your blogger accidentally plugged in the wrong end of the camera-to-computer cord and froze the … Continue reading

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Three hours and twenty minutes ago a poplar tree smashed against electrical wires on our road, ousting electricity for everyone. The mothers, fathers and teenagers could no longer utilize their computers.  The kids lost access to iPads.  Toilets no longer … Continue reading

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Darkness still spreads her peaceful cloak across the forest this December morning. ‘Tis a new day.  I cuddle beneath the fluffy white comforter and remember scraps of last night’s dreams. ‘Tis better than remembering yesterday. Yesterday proved a tough day. … Continue reading

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The myth of 1,000 blog followers

Yes, dear readers, it’s been an auspicious day.  This very blog–Lake Superior Spirit–hath reached the lofty goal of 1,000 followers!  Why, this  happened just after lunch.  I’ve been watching with one lazy eye as the numbers soared during recent weeks. … Continue reading

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I just won a Kindle Fire!!

Hi, guys, no time to chit-chat because I have to work, but you wouldn’t believe it!  I just won a Kindle Fire!! (Like an iPad, for those of you, like me, who don’t know the technological ins and outs.)   … Continue reading

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My husband, my hero

We’re home from the hospital, friends! Barry now sports a new right knee.  He bought his new left knee in April, and now he’s got two lovely replacements, brand spanking new knees, and life  shines–as long as he heals without … Continue reading

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What you can and can’t do when your power goes off in the woods.

When your electricity flickers and goes off in the woods about 8 or 9 a.m. here is what you can’t do: 1. You can’t work on your treasurer’s reports for Thursday’s annual township meeting, because all reporting material exists solely … Continue reading

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Mom, I didn’t mean to text that. Honest, it wasn’t me!

We don’t have cell phone service here in our neck of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan woods. Sure, there’s service down in L’Anse since they constructed that fancy tower a couple of years ago. But if you drive more than … Continue reading

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Like wow, man, do you remember being eighteen?

Me at age 18 I have had SO much fun this morning!  It has been a total blast, like wow, man.  (Shades of the 1970’s, don’t you remember how we talked?)  First, I’ve had my eye on a friendly printer/fax … Continue reading

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I’ve decided! Facebook is out.

Good morning, friends and family! I have decided. It’s always good when a decision arrives. Not one minute too early and not one minute too late. Just like the snow.  It obviously couldn’t arrive before yesterday–even though it usually tentatively … Continue reading

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