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Miracles happen all the time

The Universe wants to write about miracles today and who am I to disagree? We may think the world is going to hell in a handbasket, or worry about 1,001 things that may or may not happen. Our poor loving … Continue reading

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“Failed” friendships

I used to think that a failed friendship meant personal failure. A failure to maintain a long-standing relationship.  A failure of the other person.  A failure to work through disagreements or issues or perceptions. A failure of personal culpability, a … Continue reading

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Ice fishing, robins, winner, Easter

  Good Easter weekend to all of you!  Our celebration consists of roasting a turkey, the frozen bird a courtesy of Barry’s boss at Christmas. The snow keeps melting, but oh-so-slowly.  Spring teases us, promises us, then withdraws her favors. … Continue reading

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When the Universe gives unexpected gifts

The Universe gives us gifts all the time. If you counted all twenty fingers and toes you probably still couldn’t count all the gifts the Universe gave you yesterday. Your list might begin:  sweet ripe blueberries on granola, warm delightful … Continue reading

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Not about me

Sweet readers, A confession! Often these posts are not about me. Even though I use the word “I”. Here’s what happens. I’m meditating. The Universe announces the day’s blog. (WHAT? You want me to write about THAT?) Yesterday during meditation, … Continue reading

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