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Do you ever wake up on a Tuesday morning with an undefinable longing?  It palpitates near the heart, perhaps, beating its insistence with a red drumbeat whispering, “Please, please, please.” Of course a mere human can’t figure out what longing … Continue reading

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Yet another poofadillo

We’re having another poofadillo right now. You know about poofadillos, don’t you? It’s when unexpected thunderstorms bear down. Poofadillos come from nowhere. One minute it’s sunny; the next minute rain and wind. I coined the term “poofadillo” last spring. “What’s … Continue reading

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What a blast!

What a bloggy blast this week! It’s been so fun–so very much fun–attempting to limit posts to 200 words.  It’s the greatest game!

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Okey-dokey now

Barry and his friend, John, and Kiah are out fishing today on Lake Superior this afternoon.  I think Dad really wanted to take his daughter on a fishing trip before she heads back to NYC next week.   Even though it’s … Continue reading

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Wild ponies of words escape their corral!

Good morning, dear reader!  Good morning! Oh thank goodness, I can speak again. I bounded out of bed faster than you can imagine, delighted with the prospect of blogging with words after a month of posting only photographs.  Click here … Continue reading

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