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Poof! (and she disappeared again)

I apologize in advance for the times of silence on this blog. For quitting reading your posts. For just going quiet and seemingly disappearing into thin air. Poof! Just like that…gone. This time, during the 75 day spiritual blogging commitment, … Continue reading

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Primitive, prehistoric, bygone, lost, irrevocable, lapsed, expired, run out, ended, finished

A heavy-hearted moment is upon me. This moment has been coming for years and years and years. It is time. Time to throw away my cherished childhood friend.  She that accompanied me through crushes, pimples and teenage angst.  She that … Continue reading

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Do you ever wake up on a Tuesday morning with an undefinable longing?  It palpitates near the heart, perhaps, beating its insistence with a red drumbeat whispering, “Please, please, please.” Of course a mere human can’t figure out what longing … Continue reading

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Yet another poofadillo

We’re having another poofadillo right now. You know about poofadillos, don’t you? It’s when unexpected thunderstorms bear down. Poofadillos come from nowhere. One minute it’s sunny; the next minute rain and wind. I coined the term “poofadillo” last spring. “What’s … Continue reading

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What a blast!

What a bloggy blast this week! It’s been so fun–so very much fun–attempting to limit posts to 200 words.  It’s the greatest game!

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Okey-dokey now

Barry and his friend, John, and Kiah are out fishing today on Lake Superior this afternoon.  I think Dad really wanted to take his daughter on a fishing trip before she heads back to NYC next week.   Even though it’s … Continue reading

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Wild ponies of words escape their corral!

Good morning, dear reader!  Good morning! Oh thank goodness, I can speak again. I bounded out of bed faster than you can imagine, delighted with the prospect of blogging with words after a month of posting only photographs.  Click here … Continue reading

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