It’s all reflection, folks…

Let's walk down the road to the Eagle Pond this fine April evening

Count yourself a lucky soul, if a pond exists within a stones throw of your couch.  If one doesn’t exist, fathom it out.  Trespass if you must.  Ponds speak to your underwater longing. You can find yourself while pausing cross-legged in pine needles beside a mirrored pond.

April branches above the pond

Don’t just stare at the jeweled waters.

Look up.

Tree branches speak your silent language too.

Listen deeply.

On golden April pond

Visit the pond in April and July, red-leafed October and white winter.

Ice teaches a different lesson than still waters.  Croaking frogs tell another story altogether.  And fish?  Don’t even get me started.  You could learn from fish from now until 2015 and still you wouldn’t be able to absorb all their underwater teachings.

Another golden cattail view

Try photographing one pond scene 10,000 times.  Never turns out the same, does it?  Life is like fingerprints.  Your mind will only tell you it’s the same pond, same old, same old.

Don’t believe!  Everything is new, fresh, ever-changing!

The reflection of trees and life

The pond reflects who you are.

You reflect who the pond is.

Seriously, folks.

We only think we’re separate.

In truth (I’m whispering now):  it’s all reflection.

White pine reflections in oh-so blue water

How do you decide which photos to show others?

Only which photos melt your own heart.

When our own heart melts with beauty, that’s when we share.

To share another’s beauty is not true to the pond–or yourself.

The woods beside the pond

The woods beside the pond is as fascinating as the pond.

You could lie your cheek against dried white pine needles and dream until summer.

Unless you’re hungry.  If you’re hungry, wait to see if you’re really hungry.

Sometimes the pond can feed you in invisible ways, saturating you with peace.  (That’s what we really long for, some days, more than that chocolate or chicken soup.)

Monet pond

Monet sat and painted beside every pond in the Universe?

You don’t believe me?

Take out your own paintbrushes and dabble with light.

You’ll see.


Buds have bloomed beside every pond in the Universe.

You may bud there, too.

Stranger things have happened.

Upside down, downside up?

We often think there is a right way to view the world.

There is an upside and downside, we surmise.

But if you pause by ponds often enough you’ll see that it isn’t so clear-cut.  An Ojibway elder once nodded and explained, “In the spirit world, everything is backwards.”

It may be upside down, too.

Don’t cling too tightly to your viewpoint.
Jump in the pond instead.

Light paints white pine needles

Light also paints our viewpoints.

Look differently as the sun dances across the sky of your days.

Blue shimmer before nightfall

Especially let shimmer dive you deeper into dreams.

The logical world refuses to live in shimmer.

Shimmer yourself, baby, into who you know you are.

Sunset surreal

It’s all surreal.

Don’t kid yourself.

What is real can never be spoken.


Growing up beside the pond

We all grow up beside the pond, sisters and brothers.

The pond of life.

I would tell you more–but the pond says enough words.  Come visiting.  Come home to mama, come home to yourself.

It will teach you about yellow butterflies. Flop-footed rabbits pausing to sip.  It will teach you about fawns left beside the shore while Mama Doe wanders off.  It will teach you about shivering before dawn, and stars reflected in the pond, the sparkling majesty of them.

Find yourself a pond!  If not today, tomorrow…

Deer slept here, beside still waters

If not tomorrow, this month.

If you wait until next month it may be too late.

We mustn’t postpone your inevitable reunion.

Birchbark lingers on toward summer

Remember: it’s all reflection, folks…

The pond reveals it all.

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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33 Responses to It’s all reflection, folks…

  1. Fountainpen says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  2. rehill56 says:

    Wonderful words, wonderful reflections, I want to reflect love.

  3. rehill56 says:

    Truly memorable photographs.

  4. Carol says:

    Your beautiful photos make me want to be there.

  5. Wonderful photos, wonderful post…Thank you!

  6. Heather says:

    A pond, the woods – great places to reflect.

  7. john says:

    Thank you …

  8. Brenda Hardie says:

    I am speechless at the beauty expressed in your words and in your pictures ♥ I want to be there so bad I can taste it! ♥

  9. Yes, a lovely and wonderful post. I spent a great deal of time by a pond when we lived in Illinois. Here in Wisconsin, we live by Lake MIchigan. Always new. Blessings, Ellen

  10. BOBZ says:

    Wonderful and joyful as always.

  11. bearyweather says:

    It is a lovely place to visit … I think you need to picnic there some afternoon, sit still and see what visits you.

  12. Dawn says:

    I havea pond across the street. You are right, it is always different. This year I am photographing it from the same spot on the first Saturday of every month. Just to see it change. But those photographs are not nearly as reflective as these which I enjoyed very much!

  13. bonnie says:

    Another beautiful blog, words and pictures. We have three ponds on our farm, and I shall investigate.

  14. susanblake says:

    One photo after another – all are just wonderful! What a talent you have! I’m in total awe.

    Have to share something – in regard to your comment on Monet painting in his gardens.
    I was painting on my deck at the lakehouse a few years back. Went in to fix lunch and when I came out, several bugs had landed in the paint, tracking lovely little blurry colors. That’s when I knew. I knew how Monet achieved the look of his paintings. It was the darn bugs, not him 🙂 He was nearly blind, you know. When I stopped giggling at this thought and picked up my palet, a pine cone fell out of the tree, landed on the palet, scared me to pieces so the palet went flying, knocked over the painting and I for sure had a bona fide Monet looking scene! 🙂 It’s never happened since. There is only rroom for one Monet I guess!

  15. Sybil says:

    BRB. Gotta go find me pond …

  16. Kala says:

    So many beautiful nature images here, Kathy.

  17. dearrosie says:

    Hi Kathy I know I haven’t been here for a while, I saw your name at Reggie’s blog…

    Wow this is beautiful – not only the words or the pictures but the way you’ve mixed them. You sure live in a lovely part of the country. Sad to say I don’t have a pond near my home.

  18. Beautiful words and beautiful photos!

  19. Karma says:

    I love the way you express yourself Kathy. I often wish for such beautiful words to flow from my own fingers. It is really something about how we are drawn to water, pond or otherwise. Maybe it is because water makes up so much of what we are and where we live?

  20. Kerry Dwyer says:

    The photos are wonderful as ever. I have my new camera now and hope to be able to take some better shots. Water and reflections are always wonderful and you evidently have an eye for what makes an attractive picture. It looks wonderful where you live and peaceful too, rather like here.

  21. Amy Carr says:

    Oh my Kathy such a feast of visual riches . . . shimmering so yes . . . how can I go to sleep now?

  22. Jeffstroud says:


    A woman after my own heart. I think you got into my head and my creative stream, or reflective pond! Beautiful works and photographs. As many times I have walked my little woods, I find something news, see or allowed to see something different. It is
    when I am not centered that I seem to be bored with it all. I have to breathe, I have to Be present for the presences that surrounds me.

    Beautiful. this is a collection ! I am going to post it on my photography face book page!

  23. Colleen says:

    Kathy, what beautiful, reflective images and words!

  24. Kathy says:

    I am glad you all enjoyed the reflections! Reflect on, dear people…

  25. Robin says:

    Beautiful post. Now I know what you meant about our similar posts. 🙂

    A pond teaches so many things. I feel blessed to live with one, and to be able to walk around it every day, learning the many lessons it teaches if I take the time to pay attention. I wish everyone had a pond.

  26. Kathy says:

    We are blessed indeed to make acquaintance with a pond…

  27. wolfsrosebud says:

    LOL… and I’m not even tired. Great photos… snow tomarrow I think

  28. Kathy says:

    Thanks again for your visit to the pond. I appreciate that you paused here.

  29. This struck a deep memory within me, remembering the pond on the old farmstead that is now gone forever; yet the pine tree reflecting in the water; the days fishing there besides the still waters (except when the water moccasins came along) on hot summer days swimming with the dangers; so many wonderful memories. Now it is the TN River I am closest to; sometimes I watch the birds and barges pass.
    Thank you for the marvelous photos and the words.

  30. I decided to Reblog until I finish my latest thoughts yet to find the pencil to paper moment.

  31. Reblogged this on collectionofthoughtswrittenonraggedpieciesofpaper and commented:
    Wonderful Lake Superior Spirit has written this beautiful blog; it is worthy of many things, however, the most I can do is to share with my readers.

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