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Mindfulness, equanimity–and a broken toe

I’ve gone “back to spiritual basics” in recent weeks since our trip to Georgia. Being aware of breath and body. Breathe in, breathe out. Paying attention to this body, this shin, that shoulder, this pelvis, this skull. Doing long body-based … Continue reading

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Miracles happen all the time

The Universe wants to write about miracles today and who am I to disagree? We may think the world is going to hell in a handbasket, or worry about 1,001 things that may or may not happen. Our poor loving … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from our little house in the woods to yours, wherever you may be

This morning I am thinking of all you readers in your cozy little homes in woods and cities, suburbs and mountains, small towns and lakesides. Some of us are busy: rushing to and fro, wrapping gifts, preparing for company. We’re … Continue reading

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When a river turns silver (and a long-ago shamanic dream)

We’re transitioning into winter now. Here is the Silver River just a couple of miles from our house. The river turns colors as the ice forms: black, white, silver. Years ago I used to wander down here and sit by … Continue reading

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December light in our little house in the woods

When the low sun shines here in the Upper Peninsula at this time of year–and that’s a big when–light enters our house in long ribbons of luminescence. The winter can drag as gray skies loom overhead and lake effect clouds … Continue reading

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I’m playing a fun game

Yesterday I started playing a fun game. Today I will share that game with you. We might call it Photo shorts. It’s a blogging game. You know I love writing 900 words about 900 different stories. But yesterday I decided … Continue reading

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No shopping allowed

Walking on the beach in Baraga behind the Pow Wow grounds. Ice cold late November Black Friday, 20 degrees F (-6 C). No shopping allowed, unless it’s for photos or beach glass or sun peeking through dark clouds. What’s more … Continue reading

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Is life looking up…or down?

I suppose life is a mixture of ups and downs. It’s hard to say. One minute we’re smiling, the next there’s challenges all around. Just wanting to show you these two photos this afternoon. Perhaps you want to ponder. Are … Continue reading

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What I have learned during the pandemic

Every challenge in life has the potential to teach us so much. To open our closed eyes, to bring us nearer to inclusion and love, to allow us to ease the grip of human fear. What have you learned during … Continue reading

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Forest teaching about Intent and coming from love versus division

For years now, too many years to count, I’ve walked in the woods opening up to spiritual teachings. Ordinary thoughts go silent as the feet crunch dried leaves. An expanse opens, an inner reflection sometimes begins. Like a dream this … Continue reading

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