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Sprinkling petals atop snow

On some January mornings the sun rises and casts lemon shadows against the blue-shadowed snow. In the night deer nibble spruce branches and bed beneath them during this dark phase of the moon.

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Wolf, waves, coyotes, rain, wine, goose, friends.

Wolf pauses by the gravel roadside, erect, regal.  His fur coat gleams in autumn.  He looks neither left nor right, yet seems to sense everything in his world. I creep forward in the car, mesmerized by this creature of the … Continue reading

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When a raptor needs the doctor

I promised Karma some photos from last Friday night when we drove to the Baraga State Park to meet some raptors from the Upper Michigan Raptor Rehabilitation and Wildlife Center. Barry was covering this story for his job at our local … Continue reading

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Oh, you, nature child

Oh, you, nature child, running free upon the earth, peering at frogs and snakes and puppy dog tails and wildflowers…I speak to you. Oh, you, grown-up person, all facts & figures, all planning & obligations, all trying to figure out how … Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid to scale down beside waterfalls.

I could tell you stories. Every walk in nature writes a novella. If you look carefully you can find the characters, the plot, the resolution. Would you like to read four short stories?  (I promise they shall be short.)  At … Continue reading

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Slapping mosquitoes, picking off wood ticks and welcoming spring

Happy weekend, readers. The last day of May beckons. I just slapped a mosquito here in the house, ending its short buzzing life. They rise in clouds in the woods, singing their blood-sucking songs.  Barry thinks I exaggerate about the … Continue reading

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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, crab apple jelly, and red Georgia clay

New Year’s Day, 2014. I eat toast slathered with translucent red crab apple jelly that glistens like a stained glass window through its home in a tiny mason jar.  It’s a Christmas gift from a daughter who found it in … Continue reading

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