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Spring is bustin’ out all over (and a blogging milestone)

Spring burst wide open in the Upper Peninsula early last week. When we returned from our East Coast trip May 2nd a pile of persistent snow still melted slowly on the ground. A week later the wildflowers graced us with … Continue reading

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Healing a broken toe, watching the snow melt

The last three weeks I have been mending a broken toe while watching snow fall and melt, fall and melt. Since my mobility was rather limited in the first couple of weeks the day’s highlight often occurred during a daily … Continue reading

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The perils and ecstasy of walking on snow

Let’s talk about the ecstasy first, shall we? Often a special moment arrives each March. Since the snow melt started a couple of weeks ago we’ve been sinking in. You walk to the shed and your boot sinks in over … Continue reading

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Sad transitions

We lounged on the patio in my in-law’s backyard in early March. It was almost 80 degrees. A bluebird fluttered on the branch of a nearby magnolia tree and cardinals sang their sweet song in the fig tree. An hour … Continue reading

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Magic of a winter bonfire in the woods

We’ve been saving wood scraps in a burn pile in the woods for maybe four years now. We didn’t want to light it during the summer or fall due to wildfire possibilities–but three inches of new-fallen snow is perfect. Twilight … Continue reading

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Driftwood pyre over Lake Superior

I love stumbling upon these driftwood pyres, these pieces of beach art. A pyre, Google assures, can mean a pile of combustible material made for burning. It does not just apply to funeral ceremonies in India. This one overlooks Lake … Continue reading

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No shopping allowed

Walking on the beach in Baraga behind the Pow Wow grounds. Ice cold late November Black Friday, 20 degrees F (-6 C). No shopping allowed, unless it’s for photos or beach glass or sun peeking through dark clouds. What’s more … Continue reading

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Yet another miracle of blooming and letting go

Every autumn for twelve years I’ve wanted to share this with you. However, other priorities prevented it. Either I wasn’t blogging at the time or another post wanted to flower. However now–today–this very moment–it’s apparently time. Do you see the … Continue reading

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Forest teaching about Intent and coming from love versus division

For years now, too many years to count, I’ve walked in the woods opening up to spiritual teachings. Ordinary thoughts go silent as the feet crunch dried leaves. An expanse opens, an inner reflection sometimes begins. Like a dream this … Continue reading

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The sh*t phone is history.

Two years ago before our daughter’s wedding in Italy she asked me to take a picture of her maid-of-honor fixing her hair. “Sure,” I replied and grabbed my old android TracFone and snapped a photo of the precious moment. “Let … Continue reading

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