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The mystery of the loud thuds

Yesterday, in between listening to Christmas carols and making a pomegranate kale salad, I heard a loud thud. What in the world could it be? First thought: The mail carrier is delivering presents from Portland, Oregon, or Edgewater, New Jersey! … Continue reading

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Sprinkling petals atop snow

On some January mornings the sun rises and casts lemon shadows against the blue-shadowed snow. In the night deer nibble spruce branches and bed beneath them during this dark phase of the moon.

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Shoveling four feet of snow off our wood pile & other deep winter photos

Even though this long winter continues to snow and blow and freeze and fuss, I still think an icy snowfall sparkles beautifully. This morning, captured under the glow of our deck light, heavy wet snow dressed the woods in grandeur … Continue reading

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Who’s Singin’ the Cabin Fever Blues?

It’s so easy to get—ah choo!–a very bad case of–ah choo!–you know what I’m going to say don’t you?–a very bad case of Cabin Fever at this time of year. It doesn’t matter if you live in a cabin like … Continue reading

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Solely for entertainment purposes.

We awoke to another eight, ten, twelve inches of snow.  Who knows without a ruler? I offered to warm up and brush off Barry’s car before he left for work.  (He does the same for me many days.) It’s zero … Continue reading

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Snow deeper than your knees

Let’s walk to the mailbox, shall we? Barry is plowing snow today, thank goodness, for last night the tractor stopped dead as he plowed the twelve inches of new snow on the driveway. It simply stopped cold, done, finis. He … Continue reading

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What do you do on another snow day?

1.  First of all, relax.  You don’t have to DO anything on another snow day.  The Universe gives you permission to relax and lie on the couch all day–in your pajamas–if you so desire.  Breathe in, breathe out.  Simply BE. … Continue reading

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