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Abduction, Siege, Stroke–and the magic of perspective

It’s been the quietest of weeks in the woods.  No sightings of bear, moose or rabbits.  No splitting and stacking firewood. Just sweet birdsong, whirring fans, cool early morning breezes, stifling hot 90 degree afternoons. You might hear the sprinkling … Continue reading

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Mystical green hat and red shoes

Years ago I wanted to tell you a story. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blogging at that time.  Taking a break, as you’d have it. So the story was swallowed away into memory. Today I am going to share the story of … Continue reading

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One bright magical shining leaf that was known as Camelot

Today I shall tell you the story of one bright shining magical yellow leaf. Before that tale births, may I share other stories of waves, sand, trees, autumn colors, and who knows what else? Last weekend we drove east and … Continue reading

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Is it possible to pick kiwis in Michigan in late October?

What constitutes an ordinary adventure in our lives? How do we discover the extraordinary hiding amidst the ordinary? Is it possible to discover magic in our life when we least expect it? Is it possible to feast upon tropical fruit … Continue reading

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Native American Flute Blessing

Last night, in the early hours before midnight, traveling silently through the dark house, I heard a strange sound. Coyotes singing? Owls crooning? Wind danced through the trees, blowing yellow leaves onto the earth.  Wind’s melody crescendoed everywhere, but what … Continue reading

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Magical blessing of the butterflies

Today is my last post about beautiful Mackinac Island, located between Michigan’s Lower and Upper Peninsulas. I surely enjoyed a delightful visit there on my way back home to L’Anse in the Upper Peninsula a week or two ago. Today … Continue reading

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On Magical Golden Cattail Pond

Last night I left our patient propped up on the couch listening to National Public Radio, the ice machine whirring freezing cold blasts of water around his new knee replacement, his knee elevated properly above the heart for maximum anti-swelling … Continue reading

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Chili Party at Midnight Under a Full Moon

  Last night I went to bed before 10 p.m. (as usual) and lay there tossing and turning for what seemed to be hours. At midnight Barry sauntered in from the garage and poked his head into the bedroom. “How … Continue reading

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Whisper your dreams to the stone-woman of the lake

No stories today on this blog–only the stories that nature herself shares.  You, of course, may tell your own stories as you gaze at the photos. You may find yourself transported to the south shore of Lake Superior.  You may … Continue reading

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Once upon some fairy stones…

Once upon a time can happen every day.  It does happen every day. How often are we rushing too blindly through our moments and hours to pause and watch the magic reveal itself? How often do we spend our time … Continue reading

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