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Anticipating the August Upper Peninsula Book Tour!

OK, I can almost hear you wondering. What?  She’s gone and wrote a book and didn’t tell us about it? Rest easy, dear reader.  When and if I write a book you’ll surely know six months in advance! However, I … Continue reading

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This week my to-do list lassoed me around the neck

Creative Story #1.  This week my to-do list lassoed me around the neck, hog-tied me, and threw me in the closet.  The to-do list looked like a demon, you know, wearing red Christmas long underwear and sarcastically humming, “God rest … Continue reading

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“And I thought you were JUST a housewife from Michigan!”

Originally posted on Lake Superior Spirit:
Me. Pregnant. Housewife. Smirking. Gosh, that hair DOES look red, doesn't it? Aww, look at little Chris… OK, OK, you gleaned the truth from that title, didn’t you? There is a tiny part of…

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The great and powerful longing

I awoke this morning thinking about–and feeling–longing. The longing, like a swirling snake of energy, which has lived with me since I was a wee putter-snapper.   Do you live with longing? Oh, she can be a challenging guest, that … Continue reading

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A non-apologetic manifesto about being weird.

First, let’s get the definition straight.  If a person is weird, what the heck does that mean? A Google search revealed these synonyms:  strange – odd – peculiar – quaint – uncanny – bizarre. Now that we *almost* know the … Continue reading

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Thank you for four wonderful years of blogging here.

Yep, my friends, it’s been four years of blogging on WordPress come Winter Solstice. Will you forgive me a post down Memory’s Lane? My first WordPress blog started after lighting a grand solstice fire on a snowy night out in … Continue reading

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Fare thee well, fallow fields and yet another blogging break

And now…it’s time for this one to take another blogging break. Yes, you knew this would happen, didn’t you? You recognize the pattern, don’t you, even though I’ve tried to deny it? Some of us create, create, create, create…and then … Continue reading

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