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The beginner’s guide to meditation (and we’re all beginners)

Today a Facebook friend complained that he tried meditation and only lasted seven, maybe eight, seconds. He didn’t know if he had attained a state of mindfulness but made a list of 73 things he wanted to accomplish today. He’s … Continue reading

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How not to make a New Year’s resolution

Just sayin’, New Year’s resolutions usually don’t last. On January 1, 2018, all over this round multi-faceted world we’re stating resolutions.  We’re pleading, begging, praying, insisting, intending and focusing.  We’re gonna nail it THIS year.  We didn’t nail it in … Continue reading

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To learn how to sit in the scary woods of the mind

“Do you really,” my good friend asked, “want to be an old woman who can’t remember things?  Do you really want to lose all your faculties?” Sigh.  She had read my latest blog post. “Ummm, no,” said I.  “If the … Continue reading

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I want to be that old woman.

I am reading a book these gray December afternoons, breathing in toward the poetic words and out toward my own life’s reflections.  It’s called  Wild Comfort:  The Solace of Nature by Kathleen Dean Moore. It may not be allowed to … Continue reading

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I’m just so annoyed with Sally.

I’m just so annoyed with Sally. Lately Sally talks negatively about almost everything.  She’s judgmental.  She drives me crazy with her pessimistic slant toward life. I lean toward you and confidentially express this. You nod your head and agree.  You … Continue reading

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What you don’t know about me

Still pondering what isn’t spoken, what isn’t shared on our blogs and with casual acquaintances. What don’t I share here? What words aren’t uttered and why? I spend most days deeply contemplating spiritual questions. Looking at things deeper and deeper … Continue reading

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The holiness of Santa, Merlot and angel pink spoonbill wings

I don’t know a lot. Years ago–exactly at age eleven, sprawled out on the scratchy orange and black upholstered chair in our family room–I remember thinking very assuredly, “I know everything there is to know.” That little preteen really thought … Continue reading

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Sunrise in silence

Sunrises and sunsets sometimes take our breaths away. Our chattering thoughts quiet. We sense the divine, the sublime, that which rises and sets beyond our ordinary perceptions. A friend on Facebook this morning posted her own sunrise photo accompanied by … Continue reading

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Who do you think you are anyway?

Many years ago I drove our maroon Buick south through green forested highways, south through industrial Green Bay, further south past the mall in Appleton, Wisconsin.  I became hopelessly entangled in a web of Milwaukee streets and shivered in neighborhoods … Continue reading

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Do you sometimes practice Presence? Listening to birds sing in trees, feeling sandals on gravel, seeing shades of green thimbleberry leaves. When thoughts arise, watching them. Sometimes, if a thought snags you like a thistle burr, you label it “thought” … Continue reading

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