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You are a cell in my body

  I’ve been thinking this weekend how every person we meet has the potential to change us, to widen our world, to prompt us to let go what no longer serves. How each friendly or shining spirit can lift us … Continue reading

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Tea in a wicker chair overlooking the lake

We shall sit outside, shall we, on a wicker chair overlooking the lake on a still morning in late May.  We shall don sweatshirts and baggy pants and sprawl contented as waves lap nearby. Birds twitter and sing and a … Continue reading

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A tale before supper of sunrise, caterpillars & ghosts

Ohmygoodness!   I’m feeling a creative high lately.  After at least two months of ho-hum suddenly I’m wanting to blog every day!  (Don’t worry, it probably won’t continue to happen, although you never know, she said with an evil grin.) … Continue reading

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Learning how to be friends

Elisa and Nicole got me thinking about friendship today. About the work of deepening into friendship.  The time it takes to really know another person.  The challenging of really ever getting to know another person. It seems that we speak the same … Continue reading

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The holiness of Santa, Merlot and angel pink spoonbill wings

I don’t know a lot. Years ago–exactly at age eleven, sprawled out on the scratchy orange and black upholstered chair in our family room–I remember thinking very assuredly, “I know everything there is to know.” That little preteen really thought … Continue reading

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The possibility of grace and freedom

Last week, before the thermometer dipped to 22 degrees (-5.6 C) and it began to snow… Blessed warmth shines from blue sunny skies.  We’ve forgotten what sun looks like.  We’ve forgotten how cheery we feel when sun streams warmth across … Continue reading

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Aligning with our deepest values

One of the things I pondered during the recent retreat from blogging and computer and caffeine and other distracting activities was this:  how can we more deeply align our daily activities with our deepest beliefs and values? Where are we … Continue reading

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