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The “demon” of distraction and the gift of Presence

Let’s face it–what often threatens our connection to the Holy Heart? What keeps us tethered to our endless thoughts, whirlwinds of emotions, windmills of human drama? What causes us to check our phones, computers, devices with compulsive wondering: who’s liked, … Continue reading

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The beginner’s guide to meditation (and we’re all beginners)

Today a Facebook friend complained that he tried meditation and only lasted seven, maybe eight, seconds. He didn’t know if he had attained a state of mindfulness but made a list of 73 things he wanted to accomplish today. He’s … Continue reading

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The widest largest possible view

I don’t know about you, but it seems like our minds focus a lot on small views.  They focus on reading words.  They focus on performing the next task.  They focus on objects throughout the day. The dog, the cat, … Continue reading

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