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Feelin’ birthday blessings…

  I am driving back home today along the shores of Lake Superior, thinking now of you and you and you. The car tires strum pavement, waves lap and seagulls wing overhead. Have just spent almost a week with my … Continue reading

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Itching relentlessly

  Forget it, friends.  No pictures of icebergs, snowflakes or squirrels beneath the bird feeder. My life has narrowed to one perspective. Itching. Relentlessly. It all started with jumping jacks.  Or perhaps leg scissors. I found myself with Sue and … Continue reading

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Where the heck ARE you, anyway?

I have received such wonderful comments and emails lately asking such questions as, “When are you returning to blogging?  When are you coming back to Facebook?  Where the heck ARE you, anyway?” Dear friends, I don’t know how to answer … Continue reading

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Tribe of weirdos?

Yesterday morning, lazy-eyed and yawning, the coffee cup half-way to these lips, I opened the Kindle Fire and glimpsed this email forward from a friend: When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with cries … Continue reading

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Who wants to win a pint of maple syrup?

Dear Friends, This week I bought three pints of maple syrup. My friend, Patsy, and her family tapped the sap and boiled to create this delicious treat. After reading yesterday’s comments from so many of you who unabashedly welcomed me … Continue reading

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Blessings to all

Yesterday, unexpectedly, several online friends sent notes, emails, Facebook messages. “Where are you?  When are you coming back to blogging?  We miss you.  Are you surviving the winter?” My heart lurched in appreciation for friends who reappeared out of the … Continue reading

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The weekend of the Susies.

Indeed, what a weekend it’s been! What a weekend it’s going to be! It is the weekend of the Susies. Specifically, since you asked, Susie Q and Suzi BB. My Internet Pals, turned Real & In-Person. First, may I re-introduce … Continue reading

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