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Try this gratitude practice to boost the immune system

Lots of folks are trying to boost their immune system lately. Eating healthy and exercising can strengthen it, but how about this simple gratitude practice? I have been feeling a little blue today–the first time in a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s woes

Some of you have been wondering where the heck my blog post Prayer for the teensy weensy spider went.  A few faithful readers received their email yesterday inviting them to visit Lake Superior Spirit and discover the whys and wherefores … Continue reading

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Feeling under the weather–for four months now

I don’t usually write about health issues or personal challenges.  Mostly those are shared with close friends and family.  Sometimes I keep quiet about aches or pains or situations for weeks or months or years. However, have recently felt a … Continue reading

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pain, adjustment, stream of consciousness, coffee…

so here i am at another coffee shop, another cup of steaming java, late friday afternoon, barry at a high school track meet taking pictures for his newspaper job.  me writing before he retrieves me just because it’s fun, playin’ … Continue reading

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The crazy purple exploding mess…

I have a story to tell you.  (Do not raise those eyebrows to the sky.  I caught you!  Of course she’s going to tell a story.) Worst of all, I’m going to tell you a story without photos.  This is … Continue reading

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When the most friendly guy in the Universe takes your garbage

Good still-dark morning, dear readers.  Our roads are slippery with slush and frozen ice.  I had to drive Barry into work as our second vehicle (which is the same as our first vehicle, a 2003 Buick Century, except with more … Continue reading

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Click here for profuse gushing about Detox Week One

Today am finishing up Week One of the Whole Living Action detox program.  Well, actually, officially, the week ended yesterday.  But I had not finished sampling all the recipes in the magazine.  Pineapple and green juice still lurked in the … Continue reading

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Patient Barry & Nurse Kathy: Round 2

It’s been fun posting so frequently again during July! However, Patient Barry and Nurse Kathy soon begin Round 2 in the Knee Replacement Surgery World.  (Left knee replaced in April.) May not be posting as steadily  I solemnly swear not … Continue reading

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Singing the purple blues: I have to visit the doctor today.

You remember the tongue-twister poem, don’t you? I never saw a purple blog I never hope to see one. But I can tell you anyhow I’d rather see than be one. OK, OK!  Substitute the word “cow” for “blog” and … Continue reading

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Here’s lookin’ at you, Walker Boy

Here’s my hubby coming home from work, one week and one day after his left knee replacement surgery. Look at him wield that walker! Look at him go! He went back to work today, although I think he spent more … Continue reading

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