You are a cell in my body




I’ve been thinking this weekend how every person we meet has the potential to change us, to widen our world, to prompt us to let go what no longer serves.

How each friendly or shining spirit can lift us up when we’re faltering, when we’re unsure.  How we can energetically add support to each other by our simple presence, our loving words, our sunny hello, our humble offerings.

How even each frowning or ignoring face has the possibility of either hurting our tender hearts more deeply–or perhaps redirecting our attention to our own inner light.  We are sometimes bruised by what we perceive to be rejection, or perhaps we’re called to ponder what might be causing them pain, what causes them to shut down their own tender hearts.  I’m sure we’ve all traveled both paths.  The path of closing our inner doors in the face of travail, or the path of opening even though it hurts.

Best friends

Friends helping friends

Sometimes I like to imagine that everyone I meet is a cell in my own body.  Hello, you, oh liver cell.  Hello you, oh pinky toe cell.  Hello you, oh injured one.  Hello you, oh happy one.  Hello you, oh banished one.  Hello, you I don’t like very much.  Hello, you that I love. Hello you, you, and you.

I think of all my friends and feel how each one offers something so unique and true.  How every single person has the potential to change me.  How we’re not in this world all alone and separate.  We’re always coming together into something new before shifting away into something else.

Good friends.

Good friends.

When we’re with another person there’s a potential to realize that we’re not as solid as we imagine.  We’re like flowers rising from soil.  Sometimes we’re seed.  Sometimes we’re tender wobbly roots.  Maybe we’re at the full zenith of our open flower, or maybe we’re falling gently back onto the soil, returning our essence to that which created us.

Today I thank you for all the gifts you’ve given.  Thank you for being part of my world–for being part of me–for being a cell in my body.  In this remembrance, perhaps I am a cell in your precious body, as well. Thank you for your dear presence, even if we’ve never spoken.  Or if we were once close before life moved us in opposite directions. We never know if a friendship is meant to last five minutes or forever. But you are forever part of me.

I am so grateful that you exist.  Truly.


Possibility to be changed

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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34 Responses to You are a cell in my body

  1. Fabb Florals says:

    Beautiful piece! I love your thoughts and perspective on loved ones and those around you. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank YOU! Warmth and light arose as I read your words. Thank you for being a cell in my body. Thank you for reminders and, above all, love.

    • Kathy says:

      Oh my goodness I have been so into this subject all weekend! Not just about people–but about everything we encounter. How a tree, an apple, the sunshine has the potential to change us. Ha ha, kept exclaiming about this to Barry and the poor guy just shook his head and rolled his eyes. I am convinced you would have resonated. Thank YOU for changing me all the time!!

  3. This is lovely. You have brought to mind the concept of Unconditional Love. I can’t remember where I first read about it, but I use it to find the good in others when it doesn’t present itself. I practice thinking of that person as if they were my own beloved two year old.
    Yes, sometimes loud and mischievous, sometimes down-right mean. Not sharing? Sassing? Oh, for heaven’s sake, biting? I love that baby anyway. I have to admit, in my heart, I want to smile at many behaviors…though I don’t dare.
    When people seem absolutely hurtful and despicable to me, I try to see them through this lens. It’s much like thinking of them as a cell in your body. It’s another affirmation of “we are all here in this crazy world together so let’s try to love each other.” I’m adding your suggestion to my repertoire. Thank you, Kathy!

    • Kathy says:

      Cindy–yes, you are right–it is kind of like reaching out to feel and remember unconditional love. And your idea about viewing other people as your own beloved two year old is great! We loved our two year old to pieces, but sometimes it was sooo challenging! I am going to think about that, too, next time someone triggers me. By the way, I so appreciate YOUR presence in my world, Cindy. You are a shining lighthouse from your island in that big beautiful lake…

  4. Carol says:

    Thank you. This piece has inspired me to think a bit – there is a woman I know that I like, yet she often irritates me for stupid little reasons. Sometimes I hear from her a bit of superiority and it grates. Now I’ll look and listen with a different attitude – as if the irritation comes because maybe it’s a reflection of something in me or that I do. That cell in my body that comes off the same way, perhaps.

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, that is the hardest, when we hear that bit of superiority–to look inside and find out where it might exist in us, too. Sigh. A never-ending lesson in humility. Sometimes if I ever hear my mind carrying on about someone I say, “Yes, they are acting just like me.” That stops that voice in its tracks. Reveals that we’re all in this together.

      Btw, I find this particularly hard to do with certain politicians at certain times! 🙂

      P.S. Thank you for being in my life so steadfastly, dear Carol.

  5. Brenda says:

    Oh my gosh, Kathy! Your message and imagery has touched my heart again! I love…I mean really LOVE how you describe the deep down meaning of friendship! And especially during this difficult time in my life, your words are like a soothing balm to my hurting heart. Thank you so very much, my dear friend! ❤

    • Kathy says:

      Brenda, it means a lot that this little essay means something to you and your hurting heart. I find that our minds (my mind anyway) is always limiting things or not seeing things in their entirety. So it helps to keep opening up, softening, seeing a bit more. I am sure you have no idea how much I carry your presence in the world…Thank you.

  6. Francine Brady says:

    You save one person, you save the world….we are all connected.

  7. Beautiful post, Yes, we all change each other- for better or worse. I hope that with all my encounters on WP, mean something to all of the folks whose post I have read and on which I have commented. I know that after while, I begin to feel a certain connection and I would hope that others feel the same way.

    • Kathy says:

      Yvonne, yes, something as small as a comment can create big connections. I am sure that many people’s lives have been enriched by your sharing posts and comments over the years. I remember when you “disappeared” for a while and I could feel your absence and wondered where you were, and how you were doing. This online world can be tricky sometimes, but many of us have forged lasting friendships. Thank you for your presence.

  8. If more people realized that we are connected through our cells/our beings/our thoughts and dreams, more people would be kind and loving to each other. We ARE in each other’s cells, and I’m so delighted and honored to be connected with you in such a warm enlightening loving way, my friend.

  9. Bonnie says:

    So that’s why your words always connect with my heart, mind and soul… are a cell in my being.

  10. Lori says:

    Love these thoughts, Kathy. It’s true how we leave a mark on one another. Even those who’ve never spoken but read our words . . . we are one. Thankful to have you as one of my cells. 🙂 ❤

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Lori, good morning! You know, sometimes I forget this and start to think of people as separate objects. Then it becomes easy to discredit them or judge them or think of them in less than their sovereignty. So it’s been a good practice for me. Grateful for you as well!

  11. debyemm says:

    Thank you, you, cell, you. Thanks and giving.

  12. Robin says:

    I need a Love button for this post.
    Thank you, dear Kathy, for your presence in my life. 🙂

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