“Another bird arrives in Paradise”

Up, up and away (up in the sky over the Upper Peninsula)

Yawn…  Oh, excuse me, folks.  You know how you feel when you’ve been traveling most of the day.

I’m here.  Fort Myers Beach, Florida! 

The plane touched down about 4:30 p.m.  I swear it was one of the easiest traveling days in my recent memory.  The first plane (out of Marquette) left just after 11 a.m.  An hour layover in Detroit…and then…wa la!…less than three hours to the warmth of Florida.  

Would you like to see some photos from today?  The first, of course, is out the propeller plane window on our plane to Detroit.  We have modern planes these days.  When we first started flying out of the Upper Peninsula back in the early 80’s I swear I have a memory of flying on an twelve-seater plane.  You had to walk out on the runway to board.  No kidding. 

These days you stroll out the retractable gate and board maybe a 30-seater.  Sometimes you even get a mini-jet.  This is the life. 

Deltas in DTW (that would be Detroit)

It take about an hour and twenty minutes to fly from Marquette to Detroit.  I did a Sudoku puzzle, after locating the missing pen.  Napped.  Felt incredibly happy. 

On the escalator going down

Gosh, its heavy carrying a laptop.  Miss Ellie, you are heavy!  But, Miss Ellie, you are worth it.  It’s so nice to have you here. 

Detroit's Magic Tunnel of Colored Lights

Several years ago, the Detroit airport snazzied up their tunnel between the commuter planes and the main airport.  The commuter planes come from many little places like Houghton and Appleton and Green Bay and Duluth and Bismark, South Dakota.  We country-folk have to traipse underground to reach the main terminal.  So they filled this underground space with wild crazy pulsing music and lights.  It’s way cool! 

And now for a little pink!

You wake up just moving through that tunnel.  It’s definitely a traveler’s pick-me-up. 

Up the escalator

After you linger in the tunnel of colored lights you ride the escalator up…and you’re on the main floor.  You check to determine your outgoing gate.  You buy a cup of coffee, only frowning slightly because they do not sell decaff frappucino.  You try to decide whether to take the fast train down to your gate, or walk.  You get confused because you think you see a sign that says, “Train out-of-order.”  Of course, you’re wrong.  The train is working fine.  But you end up walking down the moving sidewalks to Gate 12. 

It’s a good thing.  You get some exercise and arrive just before it’s time for the boarding process to begin.  You are in Zone 4.  They call Zone 3 to board first.  You wonder why.  No matter.  You bring your carry-on and try to stuff it above your plane seat.  It barely fits.  The flight attendants start complaining about people who bring too large carry-on luggage.  You know they must be talking about you.  You wonder if you should measure your suitcase some day.  But, if it’s too big, wouldn’t they refuse it in Marquette?  You sigh, and wait to take off. 

Wonder where the Isle of Eva might be...

The above rock sat among a hundred other stones at the Detroit airport.  The stones sit in huge pots where trees are planted.  I don’t remember if they were fake or real trees. I was staring in amazement that so many people had written words upon the rocks.  Like “Tommy and Cindy, San Diego” and “Alex was here.”  I wondered where the Isle of Eva might be. 

No problems on the trip down to Fort Myers.  Smooth flight.  I slept a lot.  Which doesn’t explain why I’m yawning now.  Mom fixed us a delicious seafood salad with the best shrimp on the planet.  She heated a roll in the oven.  We shared a celebratory glass of wine. Chatted, chatted, chatted. 

Now everybody is reading and my computer is hooked up and it’s 72 degrees outside.  

“Another bird arrives in Paradise,” as my dad says, when he sees the jets overhead.

Can’t wait until tomorrow’s adventures!  See you then.

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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26 Responses to “Another bird arrives in Paradise”

  1. Some great shots there Kathy. Seems like you are off to wonderful start to your vacation.

  2. Drafty says:

    Holy cow, Detroit is my favorite airport so far. I spent my entire layover in that tunnel, feeling generally thrilled. When I was there, the sound effects were nature-y, waterfalls and such, paired with low orchestra sounds.

    • Kathy says:

      Drafty, glad to meet another fan of the Detroit airport. Sometimes they do have those nature sounds…I must have been there during a wild & crazy jungle dance!

  3. yam5 says:

    also a map of an explorer to Eva Island in the northwestern northern world.

  4. Dawn says:

    Wonderful! Glad your trip went well. Love the photo of the UP from the prop plane. I remember walking out onto the tarmac too…it wasn’t that long ago…was it? Enjoy your family!

    • Kathy says:

      Bet you do remember the tarmac adventures, Dawn! I couldn’t remember how to spell the word “tarmac” last night and was too tired to look it up. Thanks for your well-wishes.

  5. Kathy says:

    Kathy, You can make a great blog out of anything–even a travel day on the plane! I was just looking through the last week’s blogs–Lake Superior ice to the snow on the roof–great stories and photos. Have a great Florida vacation. I love you! –Barry

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Kathy! No, I mean Hi Barry! This is sooo wonderful that you left your first comment on the WordPress blog. How cool! Hope you made it through your first solo day in the U.P. without me. Thanks for all your support and encouragement about this blog. Love you too!

  6. Cindy Lou says:

    Awww…how sweet that Barry left you that note! 🙂

    When you fly out of Houghton, you still walk out on the tarmac to a little plane. Don’t you love the kind where they make you switch your seats around based on weight so that the plane is balanced? And you can carry on a conversation with the pilots because everyone’s so close? Fun!

    I love that crazy tunnel and moving sidewalks and all the new folks and things to look at in an airport! Give a toast to the sun for me, ‘K?

    • Kathy says:

      Cindy, wasn’t it sweet? Just had to read that comment to my mom and dad. You’re right, Houghton still uses that tarmac-walk. I’ve been flying out of Marquette so much lately, I forgot. Oh yes, that is a hoot when they ask you to move to the other side of the plane for weight-purposes. People get inferiority complexes! As for sunshine…dear Cindy…(shhh, don’t tell Kiah)…there is none this morning. It’s perfectly gray wth a forecast for rain. Yikes! No problemo. A walk on the beach is still in order. Will toast the sunshine when it arrives!

  7. Gerry says:

    I enjoyed this very much. I take lots of little planes out of Traverse City and big planes out of Detroit and I like going places. Not crazy about flying lately, though. It used to be more fun.

    But I digress. You know what I think? I think you and Babs were quite possibly on the same plane to Ft. Myers. She sent me an email from her fancy phone shortly after 1:00, as she was waiting for her flight.

    Enjoy Paradise.

    • Kathy says:

      Oh my goodness, Gerry, you mean Babs and I were within shouting distance at the Detroit airport??? We probably sat next to one another on the plane! Oh my gosh. That would have been so cool to have officially met. If you find out Babs is staying on the beach itself or she flies out next Thursday, please email!

      Bet you are VERY informed on the little & big plane scene. Glad you enjoyed this…

  8. p.j. grath says:

    Hi, Kathy. I was wondering when you would make it to Florida. Wow, those colors and lights at the Detroit airport!!!! I haven’t been there in 10 years, and I remember walking on the runway to get on a plane in Traverse City, too, years ago. Like, 38, 39 years? That first shot of the propeller was a wowser. Have fun!

    • Kathy says:

      Dear Pamela, did you see me waving yesterday from overhead? Oh, no, suppose you didn’t. We’re in the same state now! Hope it’s a little bit warmer “up north” than it’s been. It’s suppose to be in the upper 70’s today here. Just returned from a walk on the beach and am contemplating reading by the pool now.

  9. Kiah says:

    see. you. SOON!

  10. I went in the opposite direction through the tunnel in Detroit on my way home from North Dakota. The tunnel lights and music reminded me of Epcot in Walt Disney World.

    Welcome to paradise. I’m only 20 colder than you are today and it feels good!

  11. Georgia Mom says:


    • Kathy says:

      Why hello Georgia Mom. Glad your daffodils are blooming and the sun is out. We are all anticipating Kiah’s arrival with great excitement. I just read my mom and dad your comment. Will surely enjoy the vacation and hope you had a very Happy Birthday!

  12. Kathy – Great airport shots’ the colors are wild! Food made by Mom [I don’t care if it’s cooked shoe laces] is the BEST food on the planet! I plan to live vicariously through you during your visit, so keep the blogs comin’!

    • Kathy says:

      My dad says he’s going to remember your comment about “cooked shoe laces” for a long long time. He’s trying to figure out how to fit it into the conversation when he goes to coffee with the guys. You are welcome to vicariously enjoy this vacation…I vicariously enjoyed yours at the Bahamas last week! Although mine has more access to the computer.

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