The quietest Labor Day bridge walk in Michigan

Row boat

 Hello, everyone.  Just trying to fit a blog in between a busy day of going to town, visiting friends, the first day of my official new work year (school started yesterday and I am shifting  my part-time hours from early morning to mid-day) and a board meeting.

 Phew!  Busyness…

 Yet, looking at these photos I am reminded of a quiet and peaceful friend-filled day on the lake last Sunday.  Please enjoy a few photos of our Labor Day party on a small lake owned by friends.

Swimmers crossing lake

 Some of the party-goers opted to swim across the small lake.  It was a sunny day, but cool.  You have to admire the spirit of the swimmers.

Waiting on shore

 Some folks waited on shore, laughing and talking.  It was good to catch up with people not seen in a long time.  It was a very pleasant afternoon of friendship.

Our quiet bridge walk

 Three or four of us walked to the Slate River bridge.  This is an old railroad bridge which crosses the river.  Nothing like the other “official” bridge walks in Michigan.  This was a quiet bridge walk interrupted only by the sweet chatter of birds and soft footsteps along the gravel road.

Softly babbling Slate River

The river greeted us as it moved in rippling blue beneath the bridge.  Like in past years, we paused to admire the flowing waters.


What we saw--a little garter snake on road

 A snake lay coiled on the road, probably the victim of a fast-moving car or truck. 

Walking home

 The sun and shadows along our walk soothed our souls.

Magical lake. Goodbye, lake.

 As did the enchanting lake filled with water lilies and reflections.  Will save those photos for another day, a day less filled with busyness and activity. 

 Hope you are all well.  How are you doing today?

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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23 Responses to The quietest Labor Day bridge walk in Michigan

  1. Karma says:

    There is something about the mood of the picture with the two friends walking down the road that I really like. The shared quiet, the golden color – very comforting. I wish I could take a walk with a two-legged friend right now. On edge with wonder, worry, and not as much optimism as I’d like after my interview today. Supposed to find out Monday.

    • Kathy says:

      Karen, I sure hope you get that job! Wanting you to…so much. I wish we could walk together and share the quiet. Blessings and fingers crossed!

    • Cindy Lou says:

      You’ll be in my heart and prayers for good news on Monday!!!

      • Karma says:

        Thanks for the thoughts and prayers! Cindy – I just realized you are teacher too, from the comments. It so happens that is the job I am trying for – I’ve been working as an aide, although I’m a licensed teacher. I’d love to be able to share good news with everyone!

        • Cindy Lou says:

          Hey Karen,

          What is your teaching degree in? Any news on the job? Hang in there – we’ve had a number of teachers that worked as aides before they got teaching jobs! I just know that whatever capacity you work with kids – you’re great at it. Your spirit that shines through here must also shine on the kids!

        • Kathy says:

          Karma, I have been thinking about you a lot, too. Know you weren’t going to hear until today. Hopefully….?

  2. holessence says:

    Kathy – I really like the shot “Row Boat” it pulls you right in.

    If you look (with your eyes squinted) at the shot “Waiting on Shore” you’ll see what looks like a crocodile laying in wait at the water’s edge.

    “Softly Babbling Slate River” is another lure-you-in photograph. I love it!

    It sounds like a really good time was had by all.

    I’m doing great — thank you for asking. Len’s got a class at REI this evening, so I’m going to watch a DVD I picked up at the library, “Dear John” (based on a Nicholas Sparks book).

    • Kathy says:

      Wow, to think there was a crocodile a few feet away! lol…nah…I’m SURE there aren’t crocs in Michigan! I am glad you liked the pictures. I remember watching “Dear John” on an airplane…somewhere. Won’t say any more, not wanting to influence the purity of your viewing pleasure!

  3. Elisa's Spot says:

    Softly babbling slate river makes my insides go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and then ahhhhhhhhhhhh all at once! Actually being there, and I like the image too! I love how it smells!!! There has to be a way to bottle that scent! Isn’t it neat how once in a while, even in a familiar place when you need it or I need it, there comes the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and that scent and the breeze that moves the spirit?!?

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Elisa, softly drinking tea after yoga stretches and meditation. Are you drinking tea now too? Thinking about the scents of different things–like this jasmine tea–and how those scents evoke so much. Hope you have a good day!

  4. Beautiful pics….just end my day….Thank You!

    Laurie I have a DVD to bring to you Friday if your interested—Won a lot of Emmys last week!

    Temple Grandin……

    • Colleen Lloyd says:

      Kim, I’ve watched this movie too. What an amazing woman!

      • Kathy says:

        Thank you, Kim. I will have to look up this movie, too. OK, just did. Added it to my queue. Oh, good, another good movie to watch. I just watched “My Name is Khan”. That one was really good–an inspiring movie about a Muslim guy with some autistic syndrome who is “not a terrorist”. A must see!

  5. Colleen Lloyd says:

    What a a beautiful lake! Like Karen, I love the photo of two friends walking home in the late afternoon sun and the long shadows. A sense of wistfullness as I look at it, maybe a touch of loneliness. Missing friends and family that are so scattered around the world but also grateful for our unfolding life here. What a lovely blog this is Kathy.

    • Kathy says:

      I think I liked this picture the best, too, Colleen, for exactly the reasons you described. I spent some time cropping it to best bring forth that sense of wistfulness and loneliness. Thank you for your kind words, Colleen.

  6. Carol says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your walks and your photos – I do so wish we lived closer to one another so I could tag along with you. It looks like you had a perfect holiday – with friends, sunshine, water – what more could one want?

    • Kathy says:

      It was a lovely day. This Labor Day party is an annual tradition and we haven’t been there for a couple years. It was nice to reconnect and I would love it if you had all been there too.

  7. pearlz says:

    How wonderful, I love the sun reflecting off the water and the sneakers and cup picture very sweet!

  8. Dawn says:

    I liked the tennis shoe/wine glass photo too…until I read about the crocodile! LOL

    That little lake looks a lot bigger than I imagined…don’t know if I could swim all the way across that one!

    • Kathy says:

      Dawn, when we visit Florida I keep longing to see and photograph an alligator. They hang around on the golf course, sometimes, but unfortunately I don’t golf. And you really don’t want to run into an alligator if you’re unprepared… I don’t think they have crocodiles in florida, or DO they?

  9. Cindy Lou says:

    Beautiful pictures of a day well-spent….my favorites are the shoes and wineglass and the river shot……ahhhhh! Wondermous way to end a summer!

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