What a difference a day makes!

It's melting, it's melting...

It’s melting, it’s melting…

Today the sun is shining in Lake Superior land.

It’s 20 degrees and the hockey game’s on…  (Sorry, Jimmy Buffett fans, I can’t help myself quoting his lyrics lately.)  The only part of the last sentence that is true is that it’s 20 degrees. (-7 C for all of you who have no American affiliation.) It’s stunningly warm!

We're pretty sure it's melting.

We’re pretty sure it’s melting.

The sun does WONDERS for one’s mood, doesn’t it?  One minute you can be griping and whining and carrying on (and I swear half the Upper Peninsula is doing thus) and the next minute you’re soft & sweet & wearing a smile brighter than your winter jacket.

I am still in a rather quiet mood–not that you can tell by reading these blog posts, perhaps–but am content.

OK, we could have icicles until May.

OK, we could have icicles until May.

Don’t you love when content days strike?  When everything is simply enough.   Yesterday the thought of staying in the house felt impossible, evil, despairing.  Today it feels warm, lovely, content, joyful.

We humans are such odd creatures of mood, aren’t we?

And sunlight can so affect it!  (I refuse to talk about our next possible snowstorm.  Simply refuse to even consider it.)

Don't you love the patterns icicles form as they melt?

Don’t you love the patterns icicles form as they melt?

Today I accomplished the following  A) shoveling 3/4 of the deck, B) made buckwheat apple muffins, C) filed all our personal tax records, yup, hurray, it’s finally done!, D) sorted through and deleted a ton more pictures from 2009-10, E) talked to daughter, friend Catherine (briefly), friend Bertha,  and mother-in-law.  Read delightful spiritual book.  Chopped a thousand vegetables in preparation for tonight’s dinner.  Sorted recipes.  OK, anything else that happened has flown away from the coop of this memory.  But, suffice it to say, it was a good day.  The very best.

The way life changes...

The way life changes…

Because–whatever happened was perfectly enough.  Some day, some not-too-distant day, I hope to live like this every day.  Whatever arises is A-OK.  Whatever happens is accepted, even if it’s not liked.  Even scowling.  Even negativity.  It will all be allowed to arise in a larger perspective, thank you, Amen.

And you, dear reader, as you sit before your computer contemplating your day?  What have you learned this weekend?  Did you accept what arose?  Did you feel that this weekend was, well, perfectly enough?





About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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27 Responses to What a difference a day makes!

  1. Kerry Dwyer says:

    Sunshine always makes me happy. I believe the sun brings joy.
    What I learned this weekend is that if I drink too much alcohol the next day is wasted. And also my pictures will not be in focus. I did however, have a very good St Patrick’s night!

  2. Brenda Hardie says:

    Ohhh Kathy! I am so glad that you are feeling happier today! The sunshine really does lift our spirits. I’m enjoying the sun today too…especially since tonight the weather will become horrible. We’re under a blizzard warning for the next couple days. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you dear friend! I hope your day continues to be wonderful ♥

  3. Karen says:

    I’m happy to hear that you had a nice day. We have shared a relaxing weekend with friends that I haven’t seen in a couple of months…always nice.

  4. Stacy says:

    Boy, you sure did accomplish a lot for just accepting what is. I felt guilty all weekend for just letting myself be – I felt I wasn’t doing anything. But I finally told myself to shut up because Monday will soon be here and the dockets are full! ❤

  5. bonnie says:

    Glad you had such a great day. If we had those sort of days every day, perhaps we would lose our appreciation for them. I’d say you accomplished a great deal. Just reading your list made me weary. 🙂 Not much to say about my weekend. It came, it went….

  6. sybil says:

    The sun did shine today Kathy, which is good coz it sorta made up for the bitchin’ cold weather. Should be one or two C. but instead it’s -15 C with the windchill. Sigh.

    I’m feeling pretty good coz I’ve made some be changes in my house. Sorta getting rid of the clutter. Painting walls, which is not like me at all. I’m feel more in control of my surroundings, and that’s making me feel better.

    And of course today is my birthday, and got together with dear, good friends and that reminds me what a lucky girl I am.

  7. Elisa says:

    I had an argument discussion about when that being content concept isn’t such a good thing. The times when it means shutting down, settling sooo much for blah crud that one gets depression and then lies to oneself and to others about how this is the new them. And, since this is a pattern and is gross and stiffling to you/me I blew up about the denial. Acting as if, can still be a toughy for me I see 😀

    When I’m in the middle of just being simple, spending ten minutes glorying over swallows of my tea, maybe only on the inside…it just makes for a silent and perhaps introverted seeming me. My joy at announcing what I did, which can be a lot like what you did today, just doesn’t seem as engaging when recounting it for another. It doesn’t diminish it, just means I’ll likely have nothing to say unless you catch me in the middle of it.

    **note: I have been looking for the large white plastic bag that holds all of the backs and mats and frames and it has poofed. As soon as the day and health allows I shall trek to storage to see if I put it there.

  8. Sunshine affects the mood of all critters, why should humans be any different?

  9. Heather says:

    I try my hardest not to be overly influence by the weather. My hardest is not enough. Sunshine makes my soul smile and my feet walk out the door 🙂
    I’m happy we had sun today, and am hopeful about the chance for aurora tonight. Tomorrow? Well, we’ll not talk about the snow not that ski season has officially ended.

  10. I learned (once again) how hard it is for me to take a weekend off when I am in hyper mode. 🙂

  11. Janet says:

    Simple, but beautiful photos. Loved them.

  12. Susan D. says:

    It was an exquisite day .. and I’m glad you felt content. I do enjoy these early sunshiny days … later, I will become grumpy about too much light from now until November … and how I find it so hard to sleep … but I am content for now. Love the pictures!

  13. I had a few hours yesterday afternoon that were similar to yours and then inexplicably things got better — I was in a better mood–and closing in on content. My question to you — we both seem to be seekers–what spiritual books would you recommend– I have read a few but am wondering what helps get you through those discontented times?

  14. jeffstroud says:

    Lovely Photos Kathy!
    Yes for me one day can be as easy as a gentle walk in the park, next day like walking through a dark cave… The sunshine does allow for a new perspective!

    Finding the “joy” or enchantment in each action throughout the day is not always a conscious movement, yet one that I am grateful for when the magic presents itself.

  15. penpusherpen says:

    it’s strange how things change so suddenly Kathy, our moods can take such a swift downswing/upswing…. I suppose we have to learn to take things in our stride and find that something extra inside of us, whether we be contemplating something we don’t want to face or we’re waiting on that important letter /text/ or email..(so many ways to wait nowadays)… the days stretch out and we fill them. I think it’s an integral part of our human nature to be ‘seeking’ and it’s up to us all to find our own particular answer. The sun, (I almost forget what it’s like to feel it on your face 😉 )….is a great smile bringer, making you feel good, and gives you a whole different perspective… Beautiful photo’s showing how nature uses it’s ability to forge such wonderful displays , and thank you for the thought inducing blog… xPenx

  16. You got some good icicles growing there! It’s your garden till spring I guess! Hope spring comes soon till then LET IT SNOW!

  17. I think that finishing the taxes is even more mood-elevating than sunshine! Got ours together Saturday (yes!)

  18. Sartenada says:

    Lovely photos. Spring is “delayed” here. We have cold night, but some day…

  19. This weekend Len and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. And while it was wonderful, it’s not enough. I want to celebrate many, many more years with him 🙂

  20. What a difference a day makes, because now it’s snowing, and I’m not sure if I like it or not! The ski trails are in excellent condition, it’s such a bonus for the locals and everybody out skiing knows everybody else! Such fun. Had wine, cheese and crackers in the little warming hut afterwards; sometimes I never want winter to end! And then, I can’t wait for spring.

  21. Karma says:

    Oh, Kathy, it is so true about mood and sunshine! There were precious few moments of sunshine this past weekend. I soaked them up like my cat in a sunbeam – literally! I sat on the floor in my kitchen next to the sliding glass door where the sunbeam comes into my house the strongest. On days when I have the sunshine on my face, I often feel like I can do anything I choose. But dang it, there is a snowstorm on its way here tonight!

  22. dorannrule says:

    Oh, to have many many days of contentment like you had today! A lovely post Kathy. 🙂

  23. Robin says:

    Please, please, please send some sunshine this way. It’s been all gray and gloomy here for far too long. We don’t even have icicles. Just rain. I am trying to be accepting and find the beauty in it, but a little sunshine would sure go a long way. 🙂

  24. sonali says:

    Kathy! I missed you.. really! Accept whatever comes, however good or bad? How so difficult to do that 😦 Well, on the other note.. we have loads of sunshine. who all want?

  25. Chris Roddy says:

    Living in Northeast Ohio is the worst in the winter. The sun barely shines. It is dark and cloudy most of winter. Think I may have developed seasonal affective disorder.
    Then, as spring approaches, the sun comes out, and it becomes as if a dark curtain has been lifted. It’s the best feeling ever!
    Notwithstanding, your pictures are great. Thanks for letting me stretch my brain a bit.

  26. Today Spring made its first appearance. Delightful. I spent some time outside looking for snowdrops, crocuses and 0ther signs of a change of Season. I also looked inside the house and knew some sort of cleaning would be in tune with the day. Slowly but surely. A day with lots of small pleasures and promises. I love the way you illustrated your thoughts with icicles, melting away in a brilliant sun. Thank you.

  27. Reggie says:

    Such exquisite pics of icicles – I’ve only ever seen them in the freezer, when there’s no backdrop of blue sky. Hope they melt soon!

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