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After the storm

Storms sweep around, between and through us all the time. Nature sometimes delivers with a vengeance, doesn’t she? Viruses, bacteria, parasites, cancer, heart attacks, tornados, fires, hurricanes. Storms sweep through our lives, often arriving unexpectedly, tearing up trees, homes, emotions. … Continue reading

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Great Caesar’s Ghost! (And other Weather Channel Predictions)

We’re expecting a snowstorm this afternoon, kids. I peer at the radar loop and see a swirling blue mass approaching. I shared the approaching snow storm with our daughter in New York City. “Yes,” she said.  “It’s Caesar.” Caesar?  What … Continue reading

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Yet another poofadillo

We’re having another poofadillo right now. You know about poofadillos, don’t you? It’s when unexpected thunderstorms bear down. Poofadillos come from nowhere. One minute it’s sunny; the next minute rain and wind. I coined the term “poofadillo” last spring. “What’s … Continue reading

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Except for those ten minutes cowering in the bathroom at 1:45 a.m., we’re having a swell time in Georgia.

Except for a few moments last night, we’re enjoying our visit with Barry’s parents near Athens, Georgia.  To be exact, we’re staying in a locale called Watkinsville.  His folks moved to Georgia from northern Michigan (not the Upper Peninsula–the north part … Continue reading

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