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Solely for entertainment purposes.

We awoke to another eight, ten, twelve inches of snow.  Who knows without a ruler? I offered to warm up and brush off Barry’s car before he left for work.  (He does the same for me many days.) It’s zero … Continue reading

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Advice to a young blogger

Dear Blogging Tyke, come and sit on Grandma’s knees and I will tell you the Blogging Secrets of Life. (What? you gasp.  I’m no tyke! And you’re no grandma!  And your knees certainly don’t look sturdy enough to sit upon!) … Continue reading

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And then there was weeping & gnashing of teeth…

The weeping and gnashing of teeth was heard for miles around. Beavers ceased their gnawing on logs to discover the source of the commotion. Woodpeckers stopped pecking on trees, searching for delicate insects to munch, cocking their peckered ears to … Continue reading

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I am taking a blogging vacation. Kinda. Sort of. Not really.

OK, kids, here’s the scoop. I am taking a blogging vacation. But it’s not really a vacation. It’s more like–a change of plans. It’s more like–doing something different for a while. It’s more like–shaking up the old blogging pattern and … Continue reading

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Blog Party! You’re all invited!

I am going to host a virtual blog party today.  Yes.  The decision has just been made.  (I had another blog all written–a totally different blog–but woke up in a celebratory mood and, well, you know, celebratory moods always need … Continue reading

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Commenters! Show of hands, please!

Hello, all you commenters.  This post is for you! All the rest of you can read, too, if you choose. But it’s the commenters I want to consult today. How many of you return to the blog to read the … Continue reading

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