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Blowing bubblegum with ya

If you trotted over here this morning expecting a deep dive into emotions and thoughts and spirituality–you may be disappointed! Life wants to talk about ordinary stuff today. Such as? Such as our Christmas present to each other. Here is … Continue reading

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The “like button” twirls, curtsies and waves goodbye (or so we think)

Yesterday the “like button” twirled, curtsied and exited stage left, waving merrily goodbye as she left. Ms. Like Button and I chatted over tea earlier in the day while the Holy poured. I laid the cards on the table as … Continue reading

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How do you solve the blog reading conundrum?

Let’s face it.  There are a million blogs out here.  OK, maybe three million. If you’re a blog reader–or writer–with limited time and energy (and perhaps no inclination to read three million blogs before bedtime) how do you choose? There … Continue reading

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Thank you for four wonderful years of blogging here.

Yep, my friends, it’s been four years of blogging on WordPress come Winter Solstice. Will you forgive me a post down Memory’s Lane? My first WordPress blog started after lighting a grand solstice fire on a snowy night out in … Continue reading

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And then there was weeping & gnashing of teeth…

The weeping and gnashing of teeth was heard for miles around. Beavers ceased their gnawing on logs to discover the source of the commotion. Woodpeckers stopped pecking on trees, searching for delicate insects to munch, cocking their peckered ears to … Continue reading

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PSSST!!!! Regular Blog Readers!!! Guess what’s happening?

Dear Regular, Faithful, Loving Blog Readers, Pssst…it’s Kathy here. We’re experience a slight tremor here in Lake Superior Spirit blog land.  It’s not a major earthquake, but the ground is shaking. You want to know what’s happening? Do you remember that … Continue reading

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The demise of the blog photo children

My, that IS an eerie blog title.  Thank goodness it’s getting close to Halloween.  You can get away with saying things like that near October 31st. Here’s the bloggin’ scoop. Remember the blog–a few weeks ago, wasn’t it?–about how I … Continue reading

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Freshly Pressed-less

How many of you bloggers are “Freshly Pressed-less” today?   Show of hands, please!   How many of you are secretly weeping into your blogs?  How many of you are patting yourself consolingly on your blogging backs, assuring yourself that … Continue reading

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A flower never has to ponder her clothes…

I got a wild and crazy idea last night during meditation (you know, one of those thoughts that you’re witnessing while you breathe deeeeeply again and again and again).  Actually decided to meditate for 99 minutes last night. Set the … Continue reading

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“Sorry, you have used your upload quota.”

Alas, I have just received a sad, sad message from WordPress.com. They are insisting I have used my upload quota and cannot add any photographs to this blog. HELP! Oh no! I await, breathlessly, the verdict from the Support Fellas … Continue reading

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