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Blogging to illuminate, to reconcile

Lately I have been enjoying writing blogs that seem to reconcile stuck, limited, or judging viewpoints within. Something arises.  Some judgment, some feeling, some sorrow, something that’s not yet integrated. Perhaps it has to do with a friendship.  A sense … Continue reading

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Advice to a young blogger

Dear Blogging Tyke, come and sit on Grandma’s knees and I will tell you the Blogging Secrets of Life. (What? you gasp.  I’m no tyke! And you’re no grandma!  And your knees certainly don’t look sturdy enough to sit upon!) … Continue reading

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How do you solve the blog reading conundrum?

Let’s face it.  There are a million blogs out here.  OK, maybe three million. If you’re a blog reader–or writer–with limited time and energy (and perhaps no inclination to read three million blogs before bedtime) how do you choose? There … Continue reading

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Thank you for four wonderful years of blogging here.

Yep, my friends, it’s been four years of blogging on WordPress come Winter Solstice. Will you forgive me a post down Memory’s Lane? My first WordPress blog started after lighting a grand solstice fire on a snowy night out in … Continue reading

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The joy and shame of stats

If I were a perfect person in a perfect world I would not care about stats.  (That’s what I tell myself.) However, as an imperfect person in an imperfect world, may I share one of my greatest joys and shames … Continue reading

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Blinded by the light

Apparently, once I wrote a blog post called Blinded by the light. It must have been a long, long time ago because the memory of writing this is now covered in darkness. On Monday morning I quickly signed into WordPress … Continue reading

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Dear Diary, thank you for listening while I babble.

Dear Lake Superior Spirit Diary, Gosh, now that I’ve turned off comments (in order to better catch up on reading other people’s blogs, because I got so far behind and feel guilty writing more posts with more comments to respond … Continue reading

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From Dutch clogs to surfboards

Off line for a few days, but have three scheduled posts for you. Mostly photos. Found these pictures hiding in a pre-2008 folder. Really not sure if any of them were even taken by me!

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Not about me

Sweet readers, A confession! Often these posts are not about me. Even though I use the word “I”. Here’s what happens. I’m meditating. The Universe announces the day’s blog. (WHAT? You want me to write about THAT?) Yesterday during meditation, … Continue reading

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Readers come and readers go

Dear bloggers, has this happened to you? You love your readers, every one. You adore the give-and-take of commenters. You think they are cooler than the moon. They are awesome! And then, one fine blogging day, one or seventeen commenters disappear into the ethers … Continue reading

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