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Could rejection, illness or suffering ever be a blessing?

We tend to think of blessings as positive happenings in our lives. We win a million dollars, we secure the desired job, we raise perfect children, we finish school, we live secure and content happily ever after. We tend to … Continue reading

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Is it possible to pick kiwis in Michigan in late October?

What constitutes an ordinary adventure in our lives? How do we discover the extraordinary hiding amidst the ordinary? Is it possible to discover magic in our life when we least expect it? Is it possible to feast upon tropical fruit … Continue reading

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How Bighorn Sheep make me miss the kids…

One of the best parts of having grown-up children:  they go forth in the world and have adventures! I love vicariously participating in the adventures of our two kids.

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Say it’s not so

Want to tag along on our trip to “The Copper Country” yesterday? Barry had to cover an 8th grade junior high girl’s basketball tournament in Calumet for his job at our local newspaper, so off we drove through a beautiful … Continue reading

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When eagles somersault and autumn leaves sparkle here at home

Today shall be my weekly blessing post.  Thanks to my blogging friend from Scotland, Harula, who has inspired me to write weekly until 2014 dawns. Please admire the photos of the still-gorgeous autumn leaves all around our house.  This is … Continue reading

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When the moon hits your eye…That’s Amore!

Sometimes mysterious wild & crazy things just happen. Like, let’s say, you’re visiting the bathroom early in the evening when–yes! outside the window!–a delicious almost-full moon arises.  It settles between the branches of the poplar trees and winks boldly in … Continue reading

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Dare-devil cliff jumper or rock-squatter sipping tea?

Last weekend, as many of you might recall, was the Weekend of the Susies. On Sunday, blogging buddy Suzi Banks Baum, from Laundry Line Divine, and I met in person (for the first time) and proceeded to dine at the … Continue reading

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Gratitude for sh*t

Gentle reader, We’ve now reached Week 3 of this Gratitude series. This week something happened. I hesitate to tell you what.  It might offend your sensibilities.  Literally, this might stink.  It is a very sh*tty blog. But let us persevere! … Continue reading

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“And I thought you were JUST a housewife from Michigan!”

Originally posted on Lake Superior Spirit:
Me. Pregnant. Housewife. Smirking. Gosh, that hair DOES look red, doesn't it? Aww, look at little Chris… OK, OK, you gleaned the truth from that title, didn’t you? There is a tiny part of…

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The weekend of the Susies.

Indeed, what a weekend it’s been! What a weekend it’s going to be! It is the weekend of the Susies. Specifically, since you asked, Susie Q and Suzi BB. My Internet Pals, turned Real & In-Person. First, may I re-introduce … Continue reading

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