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Heartbreaking covid week in our community

It’s been such a challenging week in our rural Upper Peninsula county. Heartbreaking. So utterly sad. This morning our weekly newspaper, the L’Anse Sentinel (which my husband edits), hit the stands. The lead story quotes the administrator of Bayside Village … Continue reading

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Passenger pigeons, Show & Tell and my dad

As some of you may know my dad died on January 11th.  Exactly three months ago today. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer that had invaded his bones and I wrote this love-letter blog back in 2013 after learning his … Continue reading

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100% Backwoods Yooper

Last week Barry and I drove to a Baraga-Ontonagon high school basketball tournament, about an hour from where we live.  We found ourselves ‘way back in the Upper Peninsula (Yooper) backwoods, re-living a family memory from the early 1980’s. Barry … Continue reading

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No swimming yet, kids

You may feel tired of seeing ice pictures. Many here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are weary, too, of the broken ice which swells into the bays of Lake Superior, then blows outward, then returns to us in patterns and reflections … Continue reading

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Good thing they didn’t let the bobcat in!

How might you react if you noticed a cat hanging out on your deck, almost opened the door and let it in–and suddenly discovered this unexpected visitor was a bobcat? My husband told me this adventure after hearing it from … Continue reading

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When Death unexpectedly asks for the last dance…

How unexpectedly Death can knock on one’s door and steal away a loved one, a friend, a co-worker. One minute you can be talking and laughing and joking and making fun of what’s right and not right in the world…and … Continue reading

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The year our Halloween costumes “petered” out!

(Dear readers, This is what I’ve Put Up With for the last 33 years.  The following is a column which will appear in our local weekly newspaper, the L’Anse Sentinel,  this Wednesday. My husband–who, I must admit–wouldn’t have published this without my permission–has … Continue reading

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Small-town America 4th of July Parade complete with cotton candy, dogs & babies

Barry has to cover the Baraga Lumberjack Parade every year for his job as editor of the L’Anse Sentinel. Almost every year I tag along.  It’s our date, you know. The last two–or three–years I have eagerly brought camera and … Continue reading

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How ’bout a 1600 mile hike around Lake Superior?

  Some of you may remember the blog I wrote on March 26th about a couple from Minnesota with a passion for nature and adventure.  If you don’t recall the exact details please click here.  You will be delighted to … Continue reading

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High in the sky above Lake Superior…checking out the ice

No, I did not go up in an airplane.  No, these are not my photos. These aerial photographs come to you courtesy of  Barry’s fishing buddy, Mike.  Mike owns a small two-seater plane and he headed up into the friendly … Continue reading

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